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Gluten Free Alternative: Buckwheat

  Buckwheat a type of pseudocereals is consumed in the same way as cereal grains, but does not grow on grasses. Quinoa and Amaranth are two common examples of pseudocereals. Buckwheat is in no way related to wheat and thus does not contain gluten. Buckwheat manufacturers pocess it into groats, flour and noodles. Also buckwheat tea is available in markets. They… Read more »

Foxtail Millet ~ A New Addition to the Gluten Free Family

Navane or Foxtail millet is an upcoming gluten free grain. It is one of the oldest cultivated millet. Prolamin is a major storage protein in Foxtail millet, (Prolamins are a group of plant storage proteins characterised by a high glutamine and proline content). Foxtail millet is a rich source of iron and is readily available in most regions. Nutritional value of 1… Read more »