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7 foods that help in reducing blood glucose!!

FOODS THAT HELP REDUCE BLOOD GLUCOSE Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd lowers blood glucose and also lowers glucose in all the tissues of the body. They promote proper carbohydrate digestion. It can also reverse insulin resistants, and prevent complications that occur with uncontrolled diabetes. Cinnamon: Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde which can lower blood glucose by almost 30%. At the same time it can lower LDL… Read more »

8 foods that help you to BOOST Your Metabolism!

Foods To Boost Your Metabolism A high metabolism helps in burning fat to a greater extent. Below mentioned are some of the foods which help in boosting your metabolism for better fat loss. Almonds: Almonds are nutritionally dense. A smaller portion size gives a large amount of healthy macronutrients and calories. Beans: Beans are loaded with fiber and protein. It… Read more »

4 Daily Habits That Could Guarantee You A Loss In Body Fat

These habits need to be made and followed on a daily basis to help maintain a flat belly, avoid or reduce belly fat fast.   Eat the right way Deposition of fat could either be genetic or due to food related negligence. An unhealthy diet is the leading cause of excess and unwanted fat accumulation in the body. Junk and… Read more »

Is Health and Fitness Your Priority??

A recent article in Economic Times posted a survey which showed that health and fitness is not kept as a top priority. Most people are observed to do blood check ups when they are unwell. Doing a regular blood check helps in identifying you your deficiencies and a scope for you to correct it as it is rightly said “prevention… Read more »

Herbs And Its Uses

Herbs have been used to enhance flavors while cooking since ancient times.Besides providing flavor it also has health benefits. Below mentioned are such 10 herbs.Read below to know more! Basil: The eugenol in basil makes it a great remedy for people suffering from inflammatory bowel conditions or arthritis. Coriander: Corriander improves digestion and possesses anti-inflammatory properties as it contains chlorophyll which… Read more »

Beat Diabetes This World Health Day !!

  India is said to be diabetic capital in the world. Its high time we start caring about ourselves and our loved ones to beat it. Diabetes: High blood sugar levels in the body leads to diabetes. Insulin hormone secreted by b Langerhans cells in the pancreas help to regulate the lood sugar level in the body. Diabetes can be… Read more »

Beat The Heat!! With These Cool Drinks

As the summers set in,  people are more prone to risk of getting dehydrated. Also excessive sweating can lead to loss of not only water but electrolytes like sodium,potassium and chloride. And just plain water might not do the trick of replenishing the salts. Here’s a list of drinks for you to relish this summer: 1.Coconut water: Coconut water is  the… Read more »

World Autism Awareness Day

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that involves abnormal development and function of the brain. People with autism show decreased social communication skills and restricted or repetitive patterns of behaviors or interests.The onset of autism is prior to age 3 year. Dietary intervention is a cornerstone of a evidence-based medical approach, and there is convincing empirical evidence that special diets… Read more »

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Packed with abundance of nutrients and bioactive compounds, it provides various health benefits to the body. Gingerol, an active ingredient in ginger is full of powerful medicinal properties. Following are list of health benefits provided by ginger: Relieves Nausea:  Ginger is effective in preventing pregnancy-related nausea, such as morning sickness, sea sickness, chemotherapy-related nausea, nausea after surgery and morning sickness. Reduces Muscle… Read more »

Noting Helps in Controlling !!

Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to mange your eating habits. It lets you give a sneak peak of when you ate  a highly calories dense meal and when you attempted to eat healthy. When a person tracks his own eating habits it helps in self evaluating. It might seem like a task at the beginning… Read more »