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5 tips for healthy hair

  Eating right can benefit you of getting a strong and healthy hair.Check out below on nutrients that benefit hair growth. Sufficient Proteins   Proteins are one of the most important nutrients for the hair, since your hair is made up of proteins. The special protein keratin present in the hair is required for strength and flexibility. A low-protein diet… Read more »

Top 5 spices you need to include in your diet

      Spices form core ingredient for flavors in our food.Look out for top 5 spices that provides you health benefits. 1.CINNAMON  Cinnamon , also called dalchini in hindi, is a popular spice that has  ability to regulate blood sugar levels, lowering the risk for diabetes.It also aids in weight loss ,gut health ,gum health ,and also helps to improve… Read more »

Top 5 seeds you should include in your diet

Nature has provided us with so many power packed resources,one such is in form of seeds.Check out below few of seeds that can benefit your health. 1.Sunflower seeds Powerhouse of folate, vit-E, selenium, copper essential to maintain heart health. How to incorporate in diet: Top it on your salads or munch a few during your snack time 2.Sesame seeds These… Read more »